How do I know when the party is if I eat the cookie?
We moved this question to the top of the list because it is surprisingly still the number one question people have. A printed cardstock version of the invite or greeting is ALWAYS included with every single InvitastionTM. So go ahead… eat the cookie, keep the sentiment!!

Is PayPal the only way I can pay and who am I paying?
PayPal is the quickest, most secure way to pay for your order online. You can call in your payment, but it will still be run through PayPal for processing. Of course you can mail us a money order if you want, but you better add more time to the order so the funds arrive in time. Sweet Talk Boutique is an online showcase of products manufactured and sold by Jen and Erin’s respective independent companies; She Takes The Cake and Bride Design. Currently, your payments will go to She Takes The Cake via PayPal so if you see it on your credit card statement, that’s why.

What about shipping?
We use USPS (Post Office) to ship your cookies. We have found this to be the least expensive and most reliable method as well as the quickest. We obtain a delivery confirmation receipt when we ship, but as with all shipping methods we cannot guarantee receipt of your cookies if you do not respond to any notices left for you at the PO or at your door. You can request via email a tracking number to be emailed to you after your order has been shipped. Any damage or disputes should be handled within 24 hours of receipt of cookies and with a photo of box the outside of the box and the inside contents for consideration of replacement or refund at our discretion. If there is breakage during shipment and you wish to file a claim with the Post Office, we will assist in your dispute with the shipping company used but ultimately will not be responsible for any refunds if damage occurred in route.

Ok, but how much is shipping?
Shipping is based on the total amount of you order. Starting as low as $2.00 for $5.00 worth of products, then up to 3$shipping for 10$product, 5$shipping for 15$product and so on. It works out in your favor to get more than one item and occasionally we’ll included a free notecard or other gift so look for those items!

I thought you were Invitastions.com, what happened?
We still are… we’ve just grown and this new and improved site was created especially with you in mind to bring you our products in a faster, more convenient way. Jen and Erin are still in charge, and we still oversee and take part in every step of production. Check out our about page for the story behind the cookies. Our new Sweet Talk Boutique will showcase more of our fun yummy products as we add them, so keep comin’ back for more, and enjoy the new site… we do!

What’s an “Invitastion”? I think you spelled it wrong.
You mean you haven’t heard about the invite you can eat?! InvitastionsTM are the yummy off-spring of stationery designer Erin Nowak of Bride Design and cake artist Jen Comfort of She Takes The Cake. Jen’s tasty sugar cookies embellished with Erin’s custom illustrations suit any occasion and always leave your guest eager to attend your bash. And they’re just so darn cute and delicious; these 4×6 cookies are nice and thick, iced with Jen’s special icing that compliments the cookie flavor and an icing sheet formulated to accept food grade color ink, then packaged in a black or white box with ribbon color of your choice. Mmmm mmmm, adorable!

Can I use your images on my own materials?
No. Ownership of Artwork: The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Sweet Talk BoutiqueTM and its owners retain ownership of all original artwork, designs and illustrations, in any media, including digital files and printed materials. The Customer waives the right to challenge the validity of Sweet Talk Boutique’s ownership of the art because of any change or evolution of the laws. Customers must protect all art from Sweet Talk BoutiqueTM products they’ve purchased against duplication and alteration.

What if I find a misspelling?
Sweet Talk BoutiqueTM shall make every effort to ensure the final product is free of any grammatical and spelling errors, before giving the final product to the client. But it is our policy that it is the customer’s ultimate responsibility to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors contained in the final product. It is agreed that Sweet Talk BoutiqueTM is not responsible or held liable for any errors contained in the final product after the final product has been submitted by the customer for processing and committed to print.

What if I have allergies?
We do make an allergy free/gluten free cookie, the W-E-D-free (Wheat-Egg-Dairy-free) cookie: PLEASE BE ADVISED ALL COOKIES ARE PROCESSED IN A KITCHEN FACILITY WHERE THE FOLLOWING ARE PRESENT: dairy products, soy products, corn starch and corn byproducts, nuts and nut products, eggs, egg whites, wheat, wheat products, and other possible allergens, etc. The facility is cleaned between regular and allergy free batches, however we do not and cannot guarantee against cross contamination. The W-E-D-free cookie was added when Jen’s daughter was diagnosed with food allergies and we quickly realized how difficult it can be for people with allergies or gluten intolerance to shop for specialty food items. Our recipe is specifically intended for those with wheat, egg, and dairy allergies. If you suffer from severe food allergies we must suggest you do not purchase our products; you know your body better than we do! By purchasing our products you waive the right to hold Sweet Talk BoutiqueTM and She Takes The CakeTM responsible for any problems or reactions from the W-E-D-free cookies. The W-E-D-free cookies will be individually labeled with ingredients. The printable icing sheets we use are gluten free per the head office at our supplier. The W-E-D-free cookie is not certified Kosher, gluten free, or vegan, but you may find this recipe works for your dietary needs or restrictions.

How are you Eco-Friendly?
Well, the cookie itself is eaten… but beyond that we purchase and use environmentally friendly products and packaging whenever possible. All of our packaging, the box, ribbon, tissue paper and even the cellophane bags that protect your cookie are one or more of the following: recycled materials, post-consumer recycled, biodegradable, can be reused or repurposed, or comes from suppliers that utilize greener energy sources.

When will I get my cookies?
We will process and bake your order as soon as we can or when needed to meet your requested receipt date. Often it will be a quick turn around time of 7 business days or less, but due to volume of orders on any given week it may take up to 2 weeks for your order to be shipped. Be sure to let us know if you have a specific date that you require the cookies and we will accommodate you. Check your calendar and be sure to order in time for your event. Rush orders will sometimes be possible, please inquire if you find yourself in a cookie emergency and we’ll try to work with you. Why does it take this long? Because our cookies are baked fresh when you order them and not laying around waiting for you purchase! It’s worth it.

What is your privacy policy?
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