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Ownership of Artwork and Intellectual Property
Unless otherwise credited, this website and all content of this website; including images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, written and descriptive content belong to Sweet Talk Boutique and its owners and are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property laws. Where otherwise credited the same copyright and intellectual property laws do apply to the author/owner being credited.

By using this website you acknowledge and agree that Sweet Talk Boutique and its owners retain said ownership of all content, images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, written and descriptive content in any media, including digital files and printed materials. You waive the right to challenge that ownership and you will not copy, reproduce, distribute, download, display, modify or create derivative works from, sell or be part of any sale of whole or any part of said content. You agree to protect all content and art you have purchased from Sweet Talk Boutique against reproduction and alteration.

Sweet Talk Boutique is owned and maintained by Jennifer Comfort of She Takes The Cake and Erin Nowak of Bride Design. All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy
The purpose of this privacy policy is to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy. Your use of this website indicates you have read and acknowledge our privacy practices. This policy outlines how we collect and use your personal information.

Personal Information
Any and all personal information that is required by the user to use this website and assist us in maintaining this website, i.e., your name, address, email address, product preferences, enrollment in any newsletters from Sweet Talk Boutique, credit card information, and other personal information, is collected only if you provide that information to us during a written or phone request for a purchase of one or more of our products and/or to obtain more information about our products. We will keep your contact info so that we may contact you about your orders, or inform you of any news, sales, contests, new products or promotions we may be having in the future. You may at anytime request in writing that you not be notified via email of any news or promotions and we will dispose of your personal information according to law. Your credit card information will not be kept on file and will be disposed of according to law. At this time we utilize PayPal shopping cart, please refer to PayPal’s privacy policy and practices regarding storage and usage of your credit card information. Your personal information and privacy are very important to us. We will never give, sell, or share your personal information with any third parties or other companies without your permission. In the event that any of our practices change, we will update this privacy policy immediately.

Other Information, Cookies, IP Addresses
Any other information; passwords, cookies sent to your browser, IP Addresses, etc. will only be used to make your viewing and shopping experience better and more convenient. If we use cookies, you may set your browser to not accept cookies from our site. Your computer’s IP Address and/or other non-personal information are only collected to assist us in demographic tracking and web use so that we can continually make this a better site. If you log in with a password, you acknowledge it is your responsibility to keep that password in a safe place and never share it with another user or visitor.

Kids love yummy cookies. Just because we have yummy cookies on our website does not mean this website or any of its content is intended for use or viewing of children 13 and under. We will never knowingly collect or keep any information about anyone 13 or under. If you are 13 or under, you may only use this site with parental permission. If you are the parent of a child using this site, you acknowledge it is your responsibility to teach your child the proper etiquette of using internet sites. You, the parent, may request at anytime to see and delete any information we may have unknowingly collected about your child. If you are 13 or under, go ask your parents to shop for you on this site.

Links & Third Parties
Any links to any third parties from this site are provided for your use and enjoyment. We add links of third parties we think you will find useful based on our customer service history and research. This privacy policy applies only to Sweet Talk Boutique and directly affiliated websites (, and not to any third party. Third party websites will or may have their own privacy policy. If there is a link to a third party website on Sweet Talk Boutique, it is because we think the owners or products of that website are cool to look at or shop from. It does not imply we endorse or practice their practices and the user acknowledges responsibility to read the privacy policy of any third party site. You agree by using any third party sites linked to us that Sweet Talk Boutique is not responsible for third party web sites’ practices or policies.

Changes To This Policy
We reserve the right to change our practices and policies at any time and will update this privacy policy in the event of any changes.